My spirits, My dreams, My ambitions

Artwork by: James E Dunbar. This piece is called West African Girl of Promise.

My spirits, my dreams, and my ambitions lay in Africa. Notice how I use the word my consecutively. That’s because there is a strong connection between the motherland and I. It is hard to explain to folks not accustomed to a high level of patriotism, this phenomenon. Every waking day, in-between the hustle and bustle of life, till the very last minute before I lay my head to rest, I imbibe in the goodness of African dreams.  I make a toast to the Cradle of Civilization.  

For some reason, political and economic dialogue pertaining to the motherland brings out the lioness in me.  My roar is genteel yet firm.  I have heard the term, Pan-Africanist being thrown by friends on several occasions whenever we engage in intellectually stimulating discussions about the motherland.  My sometimes emotional, animated, problem-resolutions conversations receive the we get it, now let’s do something about it nods.  

Living in the Diaspora, I find it extremely disappointing to see my fellow kindred brothers and sisters assimilating and completely forgetting their roots. While assimilating marks the beginning to understanding the complexities of another culture, the complete erasing and eroding of one’s cultural fundamentals in favor of adopting another’s is a dynamic topic open to dissertative exploration.

Just two weeks ago, a lady stopped me and made a matter of fact statement, “You are from Africa, aren’t you? You are proud to be from there. I can tell”.  Of course this made my heart shatter into a thousand pieces of happiness. I am proud of my heritage and I wear it in my smile, clothes, daily interactions, you name it; as if it were a badge of honor. By the way, that day I was not spotting one of my many afro centric inspired fashion pieces. I was plain as Jane, but my spirits, my dreams, and my ambitions were obviously doing the talking.

Remember that we are a very strong people, we come from the belly of endurance and faith. Our forefathers said, “When the rain falls on a leopard it does not wash it skin away!


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