Africa’s Daughters

Africa’s Daughters | Watch the Documentary Film Free Online | SnagFilms.

Educating a girl child in Africa is the equivalent of educating a whole nation. Women are the backbone of our continent and are usually seen as the lesser of the two genders.This short film shot in Uganda tells the stories of three young girls struggling to get an education, in a culture wrought in paternalism. Bear in mind that over the years there has been a mental shift in regards to the value of the girl-child and opportunities afforded.

More than ever, women across the continent are being encouraged to maximize their potential and pursue careers outside the household domain. By highlighting this film on my blog, I wanted to salute those three young girls in their efforts to obtain an education and make a better life for themselves. Secondly, create awareness of the importance of lending support to projects such as this committed to championing human rights and advocacy.

In closing, as an African girl I have the right to be educated or else end up being a liability to the continent. I’m an asset!


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