A man on a mission

Wale Tinubu is an oil magnate from Nigeria and currently, the Managing Director of Oando PLC, a multi-national energy corporation based in Lagos. Oando is a public company listed in both the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and Johanessburg Stock Exchange (JSE), with a market capitalization of approximately $183 million dollars.

Nigeria’s GDP is primarily derived from oil, in essence making Mr. Tinubu a man on a mission, of striking it big while the rod is still hot! I had never heard of him, and actually came across an interview of him by CNN African Voices. He is a man that has earned my respect on the sheer premise of possessing a very strong willed personna as evidenced of his humble beginnings in the business, and the go-getter, can do attitude that he has adopted as part of how his business operates. Apparently, no is not a good enough answer to stop him from forging forward. 

The following is a three part series interview on his thoughts and musings about the energy industry in Nigeria, and future direction. This was a very interesting interview for me, as a budding entrepreneur he gave me the motivation to keep going on even ifn the face of obstacles which should be looked as stepping stones. Sit back, relax and acquaint yourself with one of our who’s who in the motherland.

This is the village square, comment away. Oooya go!


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