Kassi: Ivorian Painter

Augustine Kassi is a super talented Ivorian painter, whose  artwork pays homage to the African woman’s curves.  He uses very loud, brash colors such as reds and yellows, with interesting backgrounds, some which I’ve noted, are your typical, everyday monolithic images portrayed by the media. To me, this reads like some sort of sarcastic acknowledgment of the media’s one  track mind.

In an interview with BBC News earlier this year, Kassi stated that his inspiration stems from an incident he witnessed on the bus. A  woman boarded the gbaka (local minibus in Abidjan), and the conductor told her to purchase tickets for two, due to her large frame. An argument ensued, and right there and then, his inspiration was born and muse developed!

The Akan people found in Ivory Coast and Ghana, which are largely his muse value large women. He further supports his sentiments by pointing out that after giving birth the Akan women, ” for three months after giving birth, women stay inside recovering. After that time they are expected to emerge healthy and well fed, which shows that the husband is taking care of her”

During this years International Biennal of Naieve Art in Abidjan, Kassi’s artwork was part of the exhibition that brings artistes from 10 African countries together. He is the director of the Bina Festival.

The images are beyond magnificent if you ask  me.  Drool over them, and holla in the comment box! Art enthusiasts what sayest thou? Yay or nay?



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