[Kenyan Artist] Wangechi Mutu

Wangechi Mutu is an accomplished Kenyan artist based in the U.S who primarily uses collage as her medium of expression.  Her works have been described by some, using  very strong, oxymoronic language such as groteseque, repulsive, yet beautiful at the same time


The female form is a prominent fixture in her artwork, as most, if not all her paintings and collages pay homage to she. If you are the kind of person who likes convention, norm, and the easily interpretated, Wangechi’s art is rather left and not your everyday cup of tea.  It is the kind that disturbs the peace and ignites heated intellectual conversation.  Just to give you more introspect into her artform, below is a vivid description gathered from her website.

Her paintings and collages often feature writhing female forms, their skin an eruption of buboes, mutant appendices like gun shafts or machine gears sprouting from the sockets of joints, their bodies half human, half hyena.

Personally, I interpret her works as being fierce, with feminist inclinations, fighting social/societal compartmentalization, categorization and standardardization.  She is very much the respected artist, as her works have been exhibited at such acclaimed institutions such as Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin, among others. 

The following is a collection of some of her works. Enjoy!

Retrieved from:  naxart.com

Preying Mantra’

‘Death by Mariposa’



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