Laughter is good for the soul

Humor is good for the soul, especially the kind that provokes a chain of laughter. I’m talking about the good natured, rib-cracking, tear inducing kind. Dry humor should only be the reserve of my favorite late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien. His wackiness and absurdity, just makes it that more interesting, weird, and oh so funny than the Letterman’s of this world. 

I purposesly scour the net looking for humorous material  to cackle over, be it blogs, videos you name it. Laughter is truly the best medicine. I came across this mad but talented boy from Nigeria by way of England on youtube, via the sidebar recommendations they recommend as per your watching routine. It was one of those days, and the title “Immigration” reeled my interest. My goodness, less than 5 minutes watching, I knew I had stumbled on a comedic gem!

When I tell you I spent a whole evening one late summer evening cackling like a goat in heat, I’m not evening exaggerating. He goes by the name of Don’t Jeleous Me, aka TBOY!  This second video, is my all time favorite. It never ceases to make me tear in laughter!

Highlight Curses:

So I should now that you are a fundraiser?

“No. It’s 34+1 and 2”

“I‘m leaving the country today”

Listen, listen this is my stupid sista, Adeola she is very slow sometimes

Adeola just slap me please” [*TWAF*]

I will dip your nose and make double hole

I give a shourr ourr to my moda, my fada, my broda, and sistas

We are quiting this houseboi job

“Think me I’m going to work again for this carpenter again, this lizard, this world gecko, this one that he has breast nose, nipple titts”[I literally EXPIRED on this one!!]

“Shut up” What do you want, What do you want?!”

“I need resuscitation”



My Nigerian pippoz  dey make me expire with laughter!



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