[Music Review] Iyanya “Desire”

Released: February 8, 2013

Label: Made Men Management

Purchase: Itunes

By now, everybody should be familiar with the Kukere master, Iyanya! His highly anticipated sophomore album, Desire dropped yesterday to  much chatter from retweets of fainting girls. They nonetheless regained strength to support their man’s efforts. He has come a long way from his days as  a Project Fame (2008) contestant and eventual winner. This Nigerian heartthrob with a body that has been giving many a women sleepless nights in the motherland,  is currently ruling the African charts with his two lead singles, Kukere and my favorite, Ur Waist.  The album is certainly a welcome  deviation from his 2009 debut  R&B  heavy album, ‘My Story’.

Surprisingly four years later, although we don’t get to hear him showcase his velvety smooth vocals as much, this is the album that has been able to catapult him to the front and center stage  The streets are buzzing and I’m sure his blackberry too [if he has one, i.e.] is pinging now more than ever. Although he had lackluster success with his first album, this one is definitely promising and a defining one in his career . 2013, seems to be the year of Iyanya and the ladies are certainly not complaining. Join me on a thororugh review of Mr.Ur Waist’s album.

With the energetic dancehall sounds of Badman serving as the opener, Iyanya talks about his haters, hustle & grind. He invites, M.I. to lay down a rap, who  lyrically performers a massacare on naysayers. Even on this murder spree, M.I.  still remembers  his church roots and calls on Jehova to save them from their wicked ways. How kind of him! Thematically speaking, this song as an opener is misleading. I would have much rather preferred, Bust Your Brains as the lead. More on that later.

The follow up Ekaette, is equally if not more energetic, with a Fulani beat. Iyanya seems to have found comfort from his haters in a girl he has followed all the way to Calabar. Not only is she a great dancer who loves to kukere and Oliver twist, she apparently is also a good listener who listens with her beauty. Now, I’ve never heard of this phenomenon before but it seems like Iyanya is under her spell. The only person who can properly diagnose him is a sangoma. 

We are only three songs in, and I don’t believet this album possesses a solid theme. It is all over the place in terms of subject matter, but Iyanya could care less, and you and I will just have to deal! Gasgegbe is another hype number. He turns his attention to this Ghanaian fine ghel and tries to introduce her to Naija bananas, but she says naaaaaah, naaaaaah! Heiii. The background singers/hypemen provide interesting moans sound effects. I found this song to be quite lackluster and unnecessary. Ekaette was enough. But I guess he had to have one for his Ghanaian fanbase.

Marry Me, surprised me because previously it seemed as if he was quite content with his playboy lifestyle. All over sudden he has a change of heart? In it, he questions if she remembers the way they used to criticize him, prompting me to jump to the conclusion that Ekaette’s love spells worked! The afro beats coupled with the electronic trance like melody give it a feel good vibe! This the kind of song that comes on when you are with your girlfriends, and ya’ll just go crazy!

From the feel alright Bob Marley groove, we are without warning jolted to our feet by the upbeat tempo that is Flavor.  Iyanya seems to be on yet another playboy mission, although this one is more strategic in nature He is deeply interested in knowing what her flavor is. This song is really open to interpretation. To be quite honest, flavor here can either be referencing to different colored bananas, or I’m certainly a mad one. What blew me away throughout was the guitar riff, especially at the end-sick! Yo, that guitar riff will make you want to hump, I mean hug the player.

I found Limbo and Whine as  highly unnecessary additions. He could have done without them. Nothing much to say other than they are danceable tunes, but was not impressesed.

Jombolo brings back the old school Soukouss beat alive! On this track, he has Mr.Flavor help him seduce the ladies. Now these two combined would make for a deadly live performance. Triple threat I tell ya. Hotties with voices and moves. It’s really okay to be vain and appreciate the obvious.

Finally, Iyanya releases all his pent up [yes, that kind] energy on a grown and sexy, reggae tuned Some More. This record is all about sexy times, and I fully endorse Iyanya for Presidency of sexiness. He bluntly states that he wants to sex all night, in her ocean, cause commotion and make her say oh I-o-I-o-I. It doesn’t get more blunt than that. Lawd hammercy!

This transitions seamlessly from the bedroom to the dancefloor, with my ultimate favorite Iyanya record, Ur Waist! This is my jam! The African drums, and what sounds like xylophones to me drive me insane, not to mention Iyanya’s makossa moves on that video. He collaborates with the sexy first lady of Made Man Management stable,Emmy Nyra. Her sultry voice although not as prominent throughout the record, makes for a very sexy cameo!

I gat it, is that love song! He assures his girl that he has it and will not be leaving her anytime soon. I do have to say that this song is autotuned to the ends of this earth. However, knowing that this boy can sing the heck out of a song, live nonetheless and was not appreciated when sang authentically, he gets a pass-just on this record only.

On, Somebody featuring the talented [like uber] Tiwa Savage, he keeps it strictly African without any theatrics in the beats. One thing though, I had to really stretch my ears to listen to the words of this song, as the articulation of it was not clear! I cannot tell you what it is they are saying, but it’s a beautiful melody. Maybe, ya’ll can help me figure that out in the comment section. Thanks in advance.

We are back to Iyanya’s confusing ways. Throughout the album he has been interchaging the roles of a  playboy and a committed partner. Now, in Little Things he sees the future with an angel, again. I’m now very convinced of the fact that the Ekaette girl did juju on him!! This confusion is too much for my blood presure.

When I first heard Sexy Mama, I hated it. Then I heard the two magic words, dominate me that roused my interest. Although the beat is bleh, the lyrics are quite intigruing. There is a feminist awakening in this song. African sex and sexuality matters deal with the man being dominant, but in this one, we are hearing a different tune completely. He is empowering her through giving up the reigns of control and telling her to dominate me. Me likey. So, unpatriachal and unusual. Pardon me, if I went off the deep end on what could simply be termed as yet another song.

Kukere. This is a stand alone and self-explanatory.

Your Man is a cleverly worded song about one night stand sheenanigans with a feature from Vector who sounds eerily like M.I. 

Her abscence got him Drowning to techno laden beatsMy question is, Iyanya did you think she was going to hold you down during all your confused states exhibited throughout?!

The Kukere Remix is another unnecessary addition.

Finally, the bonus track is Bust Me Brain mish mash of old school dancehall with a Naija flavor. As mentioned earlier, I wanted this to be the opening number because it would have properly introduced us to his state of desire that I have come to idetify as the theme.



This album was fun to review and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Confused Desire would have been a more appropriate title for it in my opinion. Iyanya stayed mad confused throughout! Next time, consult with me Iyanya. lool!

Track Listing

01: Badman feat. M.I.

02:Ekaette ft. Tekno


04:Marry Me

05: Flavor

06: Limbo

07: Whine feat. May D

08: Jombolo feat. Flavor

09: Some More feat. Young L.

10: Ur Waist feat. Emma Nyra

11: I gat it

12: Somebody feat. Tiwa Savage

13: Little Things

14: Sexy Mama feat. Wiz Kid

15: Kukere

16: Your Man feat Vector

17: Drowning

18: Kukere Remix  feat Dbanj

Bonus Track: Bust Me Brain

Rating: 7/10















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