54 interviews is about Africa. The Africa you never get to see. 
The one filled with endless possibilitiescountless opportunities, and a happy people,proud to be from the motherland. We are dedicated to celebrating Africa and its people’s achievements.
The number 54 is representative of the total number of countries in Africa.  Each of these countries has positive and success stories that remain untold.  We have geniuses, inventors, homegrown industries providing employment, grassroots organizations championing for a better tomorrow, breathtaking scenery, fabulous cuisine etc. Yet all that is reported in the media is: war, disease, poverty and hunger.
So therefore, I asked myself: Where is the balance in media projection  in all of this?


To be the premier to go to site that generates positive content about Africa.

We truly believe that:

Celebrating the positives plus embracing the negatives equals a progressive Africa

Join us as we bring you the other side of Africa through interviews across the continent, and much more!

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