Artiste Mgmt

Hi guys,

Often times I’ve found that African artistes that I appreciate confine their musical talents to the stages of their homelands and pretty much that of their neighbouring countries. This has been made apparent to me on several occassions where I’ve played music by local African heavyweights, only for Kai to ask who is that. In actuality, their talents should be easily identifiable, as some of them are high profile artistes, but this is not always the case. Over a span of two years since the launch of 54interviews, I have come to the realize that I am passionate about artiste [music] development and management.

My aim is to widen the artistes scope of business in the African music industry currently brimming with untapped opportunities, waiting to be explored through a three point system that seeks to elevate the artiste beyond his or her continental borders. This system will involve three  critical levels in an artiste’s career: local exposure (e.g. within Kenya), regional exposure (outside of Kenya, say South Africa, Nigeria…), and global exposure (Europe, Middle East). To facilitate the mentioned, strategic partnerships with industry affiliates, distributors, sponsors, record labels, will be established. The mentioned, will of course take time to develop. Let’s be realistic, it’s not an overnight thing.

The most important aspect of our relationship, will be cultivating your talent without undermining  your freedom of expression, which essentially is your artform. Rest assured, I’m very serious about this. I do realize the incredulousness of what I’ve just presented to ya’ll! I also do realize that this may not make a licking sense. However, what I do know is that I’m embarking on an amazing project. 

If you are an African artist, established or rising, willing to take a risk with this chick, please email me at: for further discussionIn the subject line, write ‘A&R’

Serious inquiries only, all others will be ignored.  It takes a village to nurture talent!




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