Jaak: Paarl’s Hip Hop Philosopher


Jacques, popularly known as Jaak is a hip-hop artiste from South Africa. As he puts it, his name is an Afrikaansified (flattened) version of his birth name with graffiti cultural influences, in which a good tag name consists of five characters or less. Although he does not double in the art form, he strongly believes that there is a distinct overlap of concepts with hip-hop. Thanks to his cousin-a barman, who was friends with the local deejays, he was exposed to music at a very young age and was always privy to the latest hits. One of those hits happened to be that of the Native Tongues, a hip-hop collective of artistes from the U.S, who he took an immediate liking for because of their musicality and newspeak. He cites Big Daddy Kane and Busta Rhymes as being his biggest musical influences back then. Their rhyme capabilities and technique, as far as he was concerned were supreme to none. They were as a matter of fact, Olympian. Continue reading


Ghanaian Goldstar: Bryte

Bryte is a rising Ghanaian goldstar in the rough who was discovered in the BiginGhana talent search competition last year organized by Africa Unsigned. I had the fortune of interviewing this ‘Bryte’ star. Get the exclusive deets, here.

Mokoomba: Freshly Ground

Mookomba is a freshly ground music group from Zimbabwe, currently touring Europe promoting their latest effort, Rising Tide.This group  of six energetic young men, is quickly becoming a force to reckon with on the international music scene, having already made waves in their homeland.

Banning Eyre from Afripop Woldwide reviewed their album, stating: “Mokoomba is quite simply the most impressive band Zimbabwe has produced in recent memory…”! Songline Magazine  a U.K publication is hailing them as the ‘New hotshots of funkiness’.This album has been well received, judging from the out-pour of glowing reviews from different quarters. 

They are part of ‘The New African Sound’ aptly described by African Unsigned -a young generation of African artistes with authentic sounds.Their tonga rhythms are highly intoxicating,  captivating, and  reminiscent of an era when they did this, to say the least. Their track Messe Messe is what caught my attention. One word, enthralling. You should see their  live performances,  ai ai ai!! 

What are you waiting for? Click on for more  juice with an exclusive from  the bass guitarist, Abundance Mutori.

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