Jaak: Paarl’s Hip Hop Philosopher


Jacques, popularly known as Jaak is a hip-hop artiste from South Africa. As he puts it, his name is an Afrikaansified (flattened) version of his birth name with graffiti cultural influences, in which a good tag name consists of five characters or less. Although he does not double in the art form, he strongly believes that there is a distinct overlap of concepts with hip-hop. Thanks to his cousin-a barman, who was friends with the local deejays, he was exposed to music at a very young age and was always privy to the latest hits. One of those hits happened to be that of the Native Tongues, a hip-hop collective of artistes from the U.S, who he took an immediate liking for because of their musicality and newspeak. He cites Big Daddy Kane and Busta Rhymes as being his biggest musical influences back then. Their rhyme capabilities and technique, as far as he was concerned were supreme to none. They were as a matter of fact, Olympian. Continue reading


African Artist Development [AAD]

Hi guys,

Often times, I’ve found that African artistes I  appreciate, confine their musical talents to the stages in their homelands, and pretty much that of their neighbouring countries. This has been reiterated to me, on several occassions where I’ve played music by local heavyweights , only for Kai to ask who is that. In actuality, their talents should be noted on an international scale, hence easily identifiable. Over a span of two years since the launch of this project, I have come to the realization that I am particuarly interested in artiste [music] development and management.

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