[Music Review] Iyanya “Desire”

Released: February 8, 2013

Label: Made Men Management

Purchase: Itunes

By now, everybody should be familiar with the Kukere master, Iyanya! His highly anticipated sophomore album, Desire dropped yesterday to  much chatter from retweets of fainting girls. They nonetheless regained strength to support their man’s efforts. He has come a long way from his days as  a Project Fame (2008) contestant and eventual winner. This Nigerian heartthrob with a body that has been giving many a women sleepless nights in the motherland,  is currently ruling the African charts with his two lead singles, Kukere and my favorite, Ur Waist.  The album is certainly a welcome  deviation from his 2009 debut  R&B  heavy album, ‘My Story’.

Surprisingly four years later, although we don’t get to hear him showcase his velvety smooth vocals as much, this is the album that has been able to catapult him to the front and center stage  The streets are buzzing and I’m sure his blackberry too [if he has one, i.e.] is pinging now more than ever. Although he had lackluster success with his first album, this one is definitely promising and a defining one in his career . 2013, seems to be the year of Iyanya and the ladies are certainly not complaining. Join me on a thororugh review of Mr.Ur Waist’s album.

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Paying homage to beautiful chaos


This was inspired by an aritcle I stumbled upon randomly, when I googled “I love milk” and and an essay about a girl who absolutely loves milk availed itself at the top spot of my search. Like the essayist, I have a serious love affair with milk if not, a yet to be diagnosed addiction. I have it with all my meals. It is my water, my daily sustenance-if you will. Now, you are probably wondering about my google search and how it came to be.

Well, I was thoroughly enjoying my evening glass of milk when it dawned on me I needed to find out and possibly ‘connect‘ with others who are passionate about this liquid and the consumption of it. Mind you, this essay was responsible in securing her entrance into her first college of choice. So, I thought to myself, if she found enough words to shower praise on a liquid that the children of Israel were sure to find in the promised land of Canaan, together with honey flowing in copious amounts, and most importantly, managed to hold my interest from beginning to end; surely, I too could churn out a somewhat respectable essay that pays homage to the beautiful chaos in Nairobi and Lagos. Continue reading

Laughter is good for the soul

Humor is good for the soul, especially the kind that provokes a chain of laughter. I’m talking about the good natured, rib-cracking, tear inducing kind. Dry humor should only be the reserve of my favorite late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien. His wackiness and absurdity, just makes it that more interesting, weird, and oh so funny than the Letterman’s of this world.  Continue reading

Mr. Fix Nigeria: Push It To The Limit

Twitter has  been a great platform for connecting like minded people and businesses together, but for us as Africans, it has been a great tool for amplifying  our issues, both good and bad, in real time.  This resourcefulness is what led me to find this young man on twitter, during the Olympic season.  

Ohimai Godwin Amaize, better known by his twitter handle, @MrFixNigeria is a young man from Nigeria actively involved in bettering the future of Nigeria, through active involvement in social advocacy programs and initiatives-passionately so, I might add.

My timeline was ablaze with questions pending Nigeria’s dismal performance at the Olympics. Folks wanted answers to the 2billionN spent on the team, and not one medal to talk of.  It seemed all the questions were being fielded to and handled by a Mr.Fix Nigeria. Mindlessly, I clicked on his handle-thinking it was your usual government representative downplaying the situation. Surprise, surprise, it was a twenty something year old, with an impressive resume to boot, who was holding his  own, honestly amidst the pressure! He became the world’s youngest presidential campaign manager at 26.

Curiosity killed the cat, but best believe this cat, yours truly, lived to have nine lives. Intrigued, I silently monitored his responses for an entire week, as he calmly addressed the people’s queries and at times challenged them with questions, which required solutions. That is how he landed an exclusive interview on these pages! He definitely is pushing it to the limit [ cues Rick Ross grunt] Continue reading

A man on a mission

Wale Tinubu is an oil magnate from Nigeria and currently, the Managing Director of Oando PLC, a multi-national energy corporation based in Lagos. Oando is a public company listed in both the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and Johanessburg Stock Exchange (JSE), with a market capitalization of approximately $183 million dollars.

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