My First A&R Client [DREAMVILLE]

When I put out the A&R thingy out, I did it not really with the belief there’d be any artiste interested. I was serious, yes, but still very doubtful and skeptical of getting any feedback.

Well, lo and behold, sometime in December, just before we ushered in the new year, an up and coming group from Kenya emailed me. Somebody out there was willing to take a RISK with this chicka & risk they did.  Can I just tell how excited I am for them! These youngins are fresh, raw, and HUNGRY. As I said, they are FRESH. Fresh to mean that things are a bit subpar [ya’ll know I don’t mince my words], but that’s where I come in. We are working on a revamp of their freshness to dopeness!  This is a labor of love on my part, and actualizing of dreams on theirs.

Without further ado, please welcome into my lovely stable, DREAMVILLE